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Some of the machines from our machinery park:

Mandrel bender

cnc mandrel bender

Schwarze Wirtz 40 MR CNC, five axis mandrel bender. Up to 45mm tube diameter capacity and up to 4 different bending radii in one draw.
Minimal radii 1,2 D of the tube, maksimum bending radii R120.

Mandrel bender

mandrel bender

Schwarze Robitec R 90 CNC, three axis mandrel bender. Bending capacity from 25 mm up to 100x5 mm tube diameter.
Minimal radii 1,2D of the tube, maximum R350.

OTC welding robot

Welding robot Varstroj

Robot manipulator OTC FD-V6L. Varstroj P500L Welbee Daihen, MIG/MAG welding source. Cutfire Kjelberg 90i plasma cutting source. Revolving swivel positioner-500 kg, rotary control positioner 1000 kg, fixed work table 2000x900mm. Six axis robotic arm with a working range of 4400mm, along with the additional 3 external axis (positioners).

Roll bender

tube rolling machine

Big capacity roll bender.

Band saw

Band sawing machine

Imet GBS 240 GH Autocut band sawing machine.

Tračna pila IMET Autocut

Band sawing machine

Imet GBS 218 GH Autocut band sawing machine.

Drilling / milling machine

Drilling and milling machine

Drilling and milling machine.

Drill press

Drill press

Dalmastroj drill press.

belt sander

Belt sander

Belt sander.