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Gulis metal d.o.o.

Our company operates in the area of industrial metal processing. Our production and service program includes making of various steel constructions or parts.
We are specialized in CNC 3D tube bending and robotic welding.
We are also able to offer different metal processing services as cutting, turning, milling, drilling and other.

Tube bending

tube mandrel bending

We are able to provide steel tube bending services as mandrel bending, press bending and tube rolling. Possibility to process spatial 3d bending, angle and arch bending up to 120 mm in tube diameter.

Robotic welding

robotic welding

Circular and longitudinal robotic welding service, as well as the robotic plasma cutting service. Quality welds for most demanding constructions.

Tube frames and chassis

tube frames and chassis production

Designing, forming and welding service of tube constructions, frames and chassis, along with other similar products and services according to a client demand.